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7 wrong operations about nebulization

  • 2020-04-26

Nebulization inhalation therapy, as a special therapeutic measure in clinic, especially in respiratory department, has its special physical principles and hardware conditions. It is effective and widely used in clinic.

People still have a lot of non-standard operation about how to nebulize, nebulization posture, nebulization medicine liquid and so on, leading to the influence of treatment effect. I'm going to show you 7 wrong operations about nebulization.

1. Breathe hard during nebulization

Forced breathing will cause the inspiratory flow to be too fast, local easy to produce turbulence, forcing the aerosol impact and deposition in the mouth, pharynx and atmosphere.

In addition, vigorous breathing not only aggravates poor lung function, but also causes the inhaled drugs to be exhaled before they reach deep enough, resulting in a significant decrease in pulmonary deposition. Therefore, the treatment should be with calm breathing or interstitial deep inhalation is better. When using the mask type nebulizer, the patient can be instructed to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth, so that the medicine can be further deepened.

If kids cry cause short inhalation, and affect the nebulization effect, can suspend nebulization, continues treatment when they stay calm.

2. Do not wash hands regularly before nebulization treatment

Wash hands before dosing and after atomization inhalation treatment to avoid drug contamination and reduce the spread of pathogens among patients.

3. Do not pay attention to remove phlegm and other factors before nebulization treatment

Tracheal mucosa swelling, cramps, fluid retention and other pathological changes lead to increased airway resistance, narrow the blockage drug deposition may increase, at the bottom of drug deposition reduction, on the far side of the inhalation drug distribution in respiratory tract obvious heterogeneity, and the next precipitation amount decreased significantly in the respiratory tract and lungs, so that the clinical curative effect.

When the patient's respiratory tract secretions are too much, can clap the back to cough phlegm first, when necessary suction sputum to clear, let the respiratory tract as far as possible to maintain patency and reduce obstruction, so as to improve the effect of nebulization treatment.

4. Do not pay attention to the disease observation during nebulization

Many people think nebulization treatment is to relieve spasm and relieve asthma, will not cause breathing difficulties. If it does, it's because of the disease itself. Actually that is wrong understanding. In the process of nebulization, the wrong way of breathing will aggravate the wheezing.

In patients with cardiac and renal insufficiency and old and weak patients, if a large amount of liquid is inhaled into the body through nebulization within a short time, it may also lead to humidification or excessive amount of nebulization, excessive pulmonary effusion (pulmonary edema), or the volume of dry and thick secretions attached to the airway expands after a short period of dilution, resulting in acute airway obstruction.

5. Think it the longer the nebulization time, the better the effect

Many people think that a longer nebulization time would be better. As long as you see that there is liquid residue in the nebulizer tank, just worry that you will not be able to achieve the therapeutic effect. In fact, there is a normal dead chamber volume in the nebulization tank does not need to be deliberately used up, and with the time of nebulization, nebulization of the liquid in the tank will be vaporized with the solvent, the concentration of the liquid, the amount of drug in the fog will be reduced, aerosol particles will increase, nebulization effect will become worse.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient for each nebulization treatment.

6. No back pat to expel phlegm after nebulization treatment

To observe the clinical manifestations of patients after nebulization. The dilution of sputum after atomization may irritate the patient's cough. Should turn over in time pat the back, assist discharge phlegm, keep respiratory tract unobstructed.

7. Do not disinfection and clean the nebulizer,nebulizer mask and mouthpiece

In order to prevent pollution of nebulizer and possible subsequent infection,

The nebulizer, nebulizer mask and mouthpiece should be cleaned and disinfected as necessary after nebulization. At least, clean with water and dry it.

Specially-assigned person dedicated to a set of nebulizer, so as to avoid cross infection.

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