1. Core Material Technology——Two Titanium One Chip

a.Titanium alloy nebulization piece

Dry burning-resistant, can resist corrosion,with good 

biocompatibility, makes nebulization safer.

b.Lithium Titanate Battery Powered System

With high temperature resistance, explosion-proof function 

and high safety performance, charge and discharge can 

reach 3000 cycles, the service life is up to 5 years.

c.American Mesh V+Board 1.0 Chip

To control the nebulization become more stable.

2. Core Patent——Mesh V + ®

Mesh V + ® as the core of our hundreds of patents

3. The Surge® Frequency Conversion Nebulization Mode

nebulization rate:0.25-0.7ml/min

Time period: 6s

Description: The nebulization rate under the surge mode 

starts with the maximum nebulization rate (0.7ml/min), and 

gradually reduced to 0.25ml/min in 3 seconds.

The advantage of surge®  frequency  conversion 

nebulization technology: nebulization adapt to breathing 

frequency Intelligently. The rate and amount of nebulization 

can be adjusted according to the patient's breathing 

frequency, to increase the deposition rate of the liquid in the 

deep lung. One nebulization is equal to old nebulization 

mode three times.

4. Company Background

California Research And development Center, Zhongshan 

University Daan Gene member enterprise, 

《BOONIE CUBS》IP authorization.

5.International certification

There are 14 products authorized by CE certificate.

( Air Pro ,mini Air 360,Air 360+,A5,Air Angel,etc,)

Six products are being registered with the FDA.

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