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Children need nebulization treatment. At home or hospital?

  • 2020-04-14

Spring is a season for breeding disease. Warmer temperatures make respiratory pathogenic microorganisms active. Temperature sudden deceases is easy to cause the human body to catch cold, the local temperature of the respiratory tract is also reduced, the resistance is weakened, viruses or bacteria are easy to invade. Original virus bacterium also can take an opportunity to make trouble in respiratory tract parasitic, cause all sorts of respiratory tract disease very easily, wait like flu, pneumonia, asthma.

Many children are sick during this period of time. Recently, I’ve received a lot of consultations from parents. Let's see some of the problems.

Question 1:

My daughter had asthma when she was 1 years old. Now she is 3 years old. Prepare to prescribe some medicine to dissolve phlegm. The doctor suggests nebulization treatment. But the hospital is too far away and it's too much trouble to go back and forth. Is the effect of household nebulizer the same as that of hospital?

Question 2:

Each time my child catch a cold, I have to take him to the hospital. Doctors always suggested us to take nebulization treatment. Now children nebulizing chamber is one of the longest queue, too many people are waiting to have nebulization treatment.  So, can I buy a nebulizer and make nebulization at home?

Question 3:

After my child take some nebulization treatments the hospital, I noticed that there were household nebulizers on the market. But do not know how to choose, the price is uneven, also do not know which is cost-effective.

Since the portable nebulizer is an emerging product, its reliability and selectivity do confuse many parents. Let's take you through this.

Are home nebulizers really effective?

Nebulizer is the intermediate medium of "medicine can cure diseases", its function is to nebulize the medicine liquid, through breathing into the body, to the upper or lower respiratory tract, to solve the cold, asthma, pharyngitis, rhinitis and other problems. Because it is direct to the lesion, targeted therapy, so the use of fewer drugs, rapid efficacy, and no side effects. This is known as aerosolized inhalation therapy.

This method has been advocated by the world health organization, and for some diseases, China has also banned all infusion, especially for children, the consequences of frequent infusion are more serious. Therefore, most hospitals now advocate nebulization therapy.

Is it necessary to buy a household nebulizer?

According to relevant data, the nebulization room that the place of large children hospital opens, the daily reception amount amounts to 600-700 people, especially in turn season, the patient is more, with the child is the most serious. Nebulization treatment should also adhere to 5 to 7 days, every day on the run, for parents and children, the journey is hard to worry about.

If there are people in the home who are often sick, such as children or the elderly, it is good to have a spare nebulizer. In the hospital, their own time is wasted in the queue, the patient himself is uncomfortable, still have to go through the waiting, the pain of examination.

Nebulization treatment at home can not only avoid hospital cross-infection and make up for the shortage of hospital resources, but also make patients familiar with the home environment, reduce the crying caused by fear, better cooperate with nebulization treatment, save the time cost to go to the hospital, and make nebulization treatment schedule more flexible.

How should nebulizer choose?

The most commonly used atomizer in hospitals is the compressed nebulizer with relatively good granularity and low price. However, the most advanced nebulizer is mesh nebulizer, which has been criticized by consumers due to its large size and large noise.

Mesh nebulizer is one of the latest types of atomizer. It has the characteristics of both compression atomizer and ultrasonic atomizer. The spray method is to spray with tiny ultrasonic vibration and the structure of mesh spray head. The vibration frequency is about 110kHz. The drug solution is sifted from one side to the other to form particles of the same size as the diameter of the sieve hole for inhalation.

Compared with the original products, mesh nebulizer is smaller and more uniform, and can cover the diseased parts of the upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchus and alveoli. It's also smaller, easier to operate, and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be picked up for nebulization anytime, anywhere, and without noise.

Because the child's trachea is relatively small, mesh nebulizer is the most suitable one for children to use. It is also the most convenient practical nebulizer if you often outside.

And the machine must comply with the medical equipment electrical safety, battery compatibility, environmental temperature and humidity, shock and vibration standards, material biocompatibility, should pay attention to its product registration number, production license number.

With the widespread use of the third drug delivery method in hospitals - nebulization inhalation therapy, people to treat respiratory diseases, atomization has become the first choice.

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