1. The Surge® Frequency Conversion Nebulization Technology

Spray adapt to breathing frequency Intelligently. The spray 

rate and amount can be adjusted according to the patient's 

breathing frequency, to increase the deposition rate of the 

liquid in the deep lung. One frequency conversion 

nebulization equals to old nebulization mode three times.

2. Self-Cleaning Technology

With a device which can flush the nebulizer piece 

automatically when power-on. The nebulizer will enter 

into automatic cleaning mode when turned on, and 

crank up the power to eject the residual drug with a 

greater impact force at the beginning 5 seconds, to 

reduce the phenomenon of drug blockage.

3. Temperature Control Induction And Dry Burning

Prevention Technology

Temperature control induction: an NTC induction nebulizer. 

Nebulizer has a NTC thermistor which can detect the 

temperature of the solution in the medication cup, it will lower 

the temperature automatically when the temperature 

reaches 45 ℃, mainly to protect the activity of the liquid.

Dry burning Prevention technology: using the heating curves 

to sense if the solution in liquid storehouse is exhausted. The 

nebulizer will shut-down when it senses the solution in the 

liquid storehouse is run out, to protect the nebulizer piece 

from being destroyed by dry burning.

4. Lithium Titanate Battery Powered System

With high temperature resistance, explosion-proof function 

and high safety performance, charge and discharge can 

reach 3000 cycles, the service life is up to 5 years.

5. Mesh® Nebulizer Piece Material And Laser Superfine 

Punching Technology

Titanium alloy nebulizer piece can resist corrosion,with 

good biocompatibility, makes nebulization safer.

The laser perforation keeps the pore diameter at 

2.5um±25%, makes the spray particles more delicate, to

increase the deposition rate of the liquid in the deep lung, 

makes the drug absorption and efficacy become better.

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