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Does your mesh nebulizer device suit all liquid drug? What drugs are recommended?

  • 2019-09-18
The drug selection, drug dosage and treatment schedule should following doctors advice.

The commonly used inhalation medicines in clinic are as following:

1. Glucocorticoid: It is the first choice drug for persistent asthma treatment. It can alleviate asthma and control airway inflammation. Currently available medicines are Fluticasone, Budesonide(OTC), etc

2. Bronchodilators: It is suitable for bronchospasm and severe bronchial asthma treatment. Currently available medicines are Salbutamol, Terbutaline and Ipratropium bromide, etc.

3. Mucus solving liquid: It is suitable for reducing sputum density so that it can be easily cough up. Currently available medicaines is Ambroxol Hydrochloride, etc.

4. Antibiotics such as Tobramycin, Pentamidine, Ribavirin, etc.

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