What is mesh nebulizer? How does it work or what is the working principle?
Mesh nebulizer is a new type respiratory deseases curing machine. It transforms the liquid drug into mist and with inhalation, the drug directly enters into respiratory tracts and lungs, achieving an painless, fast and effective aerosol therapy.

Working principle: Driven by the circuit rapid oscillation, Piezoelectric ceramic transducer starts resonant oscillation and generates the rapid oscillation of the mesh, through which, the liquid drugs are popped out rapidly while generating numerous small mist particles.(1-5micron)
What is the difference between mesh nebulizer and compressor nebulizer?
Compared with compressor nebulizer, mesh nebulizer has following advantages:

1. Smaller in size. Portable, convinient, and suitable for home and travel;

2. Smaller in noise. Below 30 db, offering a noiseless and comfortable treatment environment for patients;

3. Lower in drug residues. The drug residues will be below 1% for mesh nebulizer;

4. Higher efficiency. With smaller particles (1-5 micron), aerosol therapy will be painless, rapid and effective.

5. Easy assembly and one button operation. Suitable and convinientfor kids and the elderly's self treatment. Besides, the mesh nebulizer generates little hear, maintaining the biological activity of the drug.
What is the advantage of your mesh nebulizer?
Compared with other mesh nebulizer, our advantages is reflected in material choosing:

1. Rechargeable lithium titanate battery. Can be used repeatedly without replacing batteries and the working life is up to 5 years;

2. Tatinium alloy atomizing film: High temperature resistant, high corrision resistance, high durability and premium biocompatibility.

3. USA Microchip: Make nebulizer more intelligent, offering the best combination fo nebulization rate, nebulization time and solution usage.
What is the best price you can offer?
Our price depends on product quantity and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after you sending enquiry for further information.
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity.
Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
Yes, We also offer a full set of OEM/ODM service for you.

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