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Feellife help the epidemic prevention and control to continue the action

  • 2020-03-11
The first batch of prevention and control medical materials has been sent to relevant medical institutions nationwide

The COVID-19 epidemic is the most concerned topic in China.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "when one party is in trouble, all sides should help."Feellife Health Inc. sesponded positively and assisted the epidemic fighting work.

A few days ago, Feellife united Joincare Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., to donated a batch of medical mesh nebulizers, medical nebulizer masks and other prevention and control materials to relevant medical institutions in China.

To assist the medical staffs on the frontline of battle against epidemic, to support the prevention and control of the epidemic and the treatment of the disease.

The second batch of medical materials has been sent to relevant medical institutions in Wuhan, Hubei province

On Feb. 4, the Chinese journal of respiratory and critical care also published the following report: Recommendations for nebulized inhalation therapy for patients with novel coronavirus infection.

Feellife learned that inhalation treatment is an important mean of the clinical treatment process. Type in a COVID-19 infection pneumonia cases, there is no specific medicine, aerosol inhalation therapy is one of effective auxiliary treatment of respiratory diseases.

Feellife immediately organized the factory staffs to work overtime, to produce of the second batch of donated medical supplies.

Feellife mesh nebulizer

Then, Feellife together with Shandong Kangmin Technology Co.Ltd., to donated a batch of portable mesh nebulizers and other epidemic prevention materials to more than 40 first-class hospitals such as Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Children's Hospital and Wuhan Jiangxia First People's Hospital. Make every effort to assist the medical staff to carry out the epidemic prevention work more efficiently.

Feellife Health Inc. is an international medical enterprise which develops, produces and sells portable mesh nebulizer. Always practice social responsibility and corporate responsibility, keeping the mission in mind.

In the future, Feellife will continue to protect the nation's respiratory health, continue to fight for the cause of human respiratory health!

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