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Feellife in Medica 2019

  • 2019-11-22

First of all, congratulations to Medica 2019 on a successful run from November 18-21!

The Medica is the world's largest medical trade fair for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The fair takes place once a year in Dusseldorf and is open to trade visitors only. Rising life expectancy, medical progress and the growing awareness of the people for their health are helping to increase the demand for modern treatment methods. This is where the Medica grabs and provides the medical device industry a central market for innovative products and systems that result in an important contribution to the efficiency and quality of patient care.

The exhibition is divided into the areas of electromedicine and medical technology, information and communication technology, physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, disposables, commodities and consumer goods, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. In addition to the trade fair the Medica conferences and forums belong to the firm offer of this fair, which are complemented by numerous activities and interesting special shows. The Medica is held in conjunction with the world's largest supplier fair for medicine, Compamed. Thus, the entire process chain of medical products and technologies are presented to the visitors and necessitates a visit to the two exhibitions for each industry expert.

Feellife portable mesh nebulizer is designed for people with respiratory issues. It is intended to convert the user's medication to a mist of fine particles that penetrates deep into the lungs. It is a small footprint unit which allows for therapy at home or can be easily transported for use while on the go. This is especially useful for people have kids, busy and with disabilities, saving time when they go to the hospital for nebulization treatment.

This is our third consecutive year at Medica show. Feellife brings the whole product lines to the show, including the new variable frequency mesh nebulizers Air Pro VIII and Air Pro IX, which are developed by the Mesh V+ technologies.

Our products have gained a lot of attention as usual, especially variable frequency mesh nebulizer.

What is variable frequency nebulizer?

Variable frequency nebulizer is a kind of nebulizer which can adjust the spray rate as you like. There are two nebulization mode that you can choose——micro-wave mode and variable frequency mode spray, which will be applicable to patients of different ages.

In variable frequency mode, you can adjust the spray rate as your need. It's more suitable for children and people with narrow respiratory tract.

In Micro-wave mode, the spray rate and amount can be adjusted according to the patient's breathing frequency, to increase the deposition rate of the liquid in the deep lung. One frequency conversion nebulization equals to old nebulization mode three times.

What's the product features of variable frequency nebulizer?

1.Free switch between micro-wave mode and variable frequency mode, better serve for patients in different ages.

2.Variable frequency mode——to adjust the spray rate as your need.

3.Micro-wave mode——the spray rate is regulated by the autonomic circulation of human respiration, which is conducive to the absorption of liquid.

4.Self-Cleaning Technology——the nebulizer will enter into automatic cleaning mode when turned on, and crank up the power to eject the residual drug with a greater impact force at the beginning 5 seconds, to reduce the phenomenon of drug blockage.

5.Less liquid residue, low noise.

Thank our customers and visitors for their warmly visit!

Thank our colleagues for their hard work and patience during the 4-day show.

See you next year!

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