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High incidence in spring, be careful of these two diseases raid to the child

  • 2020-03-13

As temperatures rise in the spring, so do the proliferation of pathogens and the spread of bacteria. In addition, everyone is staying at home during this period, lacking a certain amount of exercise, and the body's immunity is relatively low.Therefore, high incidence diseases of children in spring has also become the focus of family, school and society.

Generally speaking, high incidence diseases is divided into two kinds of allergic disease and infectious disease. You have to pay high attention to guard against these 2 kinds of diseases even if you do not go out in special period.

Allergic disease - allergic rhinitis in children

Children allergic rhinitis is a kind of inhalation of external allergic antigen and caused by nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion as the main symptoms of the disease.

How to prevent allergic rhinitis?

Avoid allergens

The presence of allergens is the source of allergic rhinitis.Avoid contact with allergens as far as possible after the clear allergen, will greatly reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Try to keep the indoor ventilation and cleanliness, and do a good job in household cleaning.

Wear a mask when you go out, isolate the sensitive source in the air, wash your hands, nose and mouth, and change clothes immediately after you go home.

Pay attention to daily nasal cleansing

For children with allergic rhinitis , parents can use arabah seawater nasal spray to help clean the nasal cavity 1-2 times a day. Saline can wash away dirt and bacteria from the nasal cavity, which can reduce the number of cases of inflammation of the nasal mucosa. When rinsing, be gentle and do not damage your child's delicate nasal membranes.

Take medication if necessary

If the child will have seasonal allergic rhinitis every year, parents are basically clear when the child will appear symptoms, and affect the life, it is recommended to take the child to the hospital of the ear, nose and throat department for treatment.

Infectious disease - childhood influenza

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. Mainly with fever, the body temperature can reach 39℃-40℃, can have chills, accompanied by headache, muscle ache, extreme fatigue, appetite loss and other systemic symptoms; Often accompanied by cough, sore throat, runny nose or nasal congestion, a small number of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

How to prevent influenza?


Annual influenza vaccination is the most effective means of preventing influenza and can significantly reduce the risk of influenza and serious complications in those who receive it.

Nebulization treatment at home, away from cross infection sources

If the baby has only a mild cold, cough or nasal congestion and other symptoms, in a good state of mind, it is recommended to temporarily observe at home according to the situation, reduce going out, ensure the air circulation at home, maintain indoor temperature and humidity.

Nebulization is currently a safe and accurate method of administration. This treatment method is your first selection of home treatment.

Nebulization inhalation treatment makes the drug directly reach the affected area, reduce the systemic side effects of the drug, with the advantages of rapid onset, good efficacy, without the need for deliberate coordination, and has become an important auxiliary treatment measure in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Asthma, acute laryngitis, bronchiolitis, bronchopneumonia, etc., in the treatment, general doctors will according to different diseases and treatment purposes, choose different drugs for nebulization inhalation.

Rational use of symptomatic medication

Influenza is a common viral infection disease, for the treatment of influenza virus, antibiotics are not effective, so in the absence of signs of bacterial infection should not be used antibiotics, otherwise it is easy to cause double infection or the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria.

Note: Go to the hospital for medical treatment timely if the flu symptoms are serious.

Spring is a season full of vitality, but also a season of high incidence diseases. Parents should take measures to prevent and control diseases and ensure their children's health in this season.

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