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The world's first phase II clinical trial of coronavirus vaccine was launched

  • 2020-04-18

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the progress of vaccine has been closely watched. The restructuring coronavirus (2019 - COV) vaccine (adenovirus vector) Ⅰ period, researched by the team of Chen Wei, academician of the institute of military medicine of academy of military sciences, was approved to start conducting clinical trials in Wuhan.

A total of 108 volunteers were recruited and divided into low, medium and high dose vaccine groups, with 36 in each group, aged from 18 to 60 years old. After injection, the patient will be isolated for 14 days.

The purpose of the trial is to test and evaluate the safety and efficacy of recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector).

CT results of inoculated volunteers are published

As of April 2, 108 subjects in the phase I clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine in China had been vaccinated, and 18 of the volunteers were released from isolation. Each person had took CT when released from isolation, and the results showed clear lines and good health.

After the first batch of volunteers are released from observation and isolation, they will also cooperate with the research team to complete a six-month follow-up and physical examination.

Thanks for these brave persons.

China's CanSino Bio advances COVID-19 vaccine into phase 2

Wuhan "unblocked" On April 8. The last batch of COVID-19 vaccine phase I clinical trial volunteers also ended the quarantine observation on April 8. For days, volunteers have been working alongside scientists in the field of vaccine development.

On April 9, volunteers were recruited for the phase II clinical study of the new crown vaccine. Unlike Ⅰ period test, this study on a much larger scale, and introduced the placebo group. This time, the volunteers did not have to undergo 14 days of intensive observation. They can complete safety observation on its own.

In the meantime, the team will send someone to follow up the volunteers and guide them to complete safety observation and recording. If an adverse event occurs during the period, the volunteers can get timely treatment.

At present, many areas appear asymptomatic infection patients

Recently, the news of asymptomatic infected people, which has been searched frequently, has also attracted a lot of attention.

Specialist Zhang Wenhong also said that asymptomatic carriers who carry the virus for more than three weeks. There is a risk of transmission if the virus is still positive after the quarantine period. This is the cunning of a novel coronavirus.

Nasal cleansing is as important as wearing a mask

At present, our daily prevention methods are to reduce going out, wash hands frequently, wearing masks when go out, mainly to prevent the virus through respiratory droplets and contact transmission.

However, the cleaning of mouth and nose is a key item that most people ignore. Wearing a mask for a long time is more likely to increase nasal moisture. The moist and warm environment inside is the "hotbed" for virus reproduction.

Note: wash your nose with saline/sea salt solution when you come back home!

There are two benefits of nose washing:

1. Clean the respiratory tract and improve the self-purification ability of the nasal cavity to prevent the bacteria from entering the upper respiratory tract from the nasal cavity.

2. Saline/sea salt solution itself has a moisturizing and protective effect on the nasal mucosa, which is conducive to the recovery of the nasal mucosa, which is very helpful for allergy suffers.

Feellife Arabah Sea Salt-Nasal Cleanser Liquid

For both adults and children, no hormones, no dependence

Extracted from natural Arabah sea salt, zero addition, can be used as a daily cleaning and soothing for both adults and children.

Using the latest technology binary sprinkler nozzle

Unique nozzle design, continues to spray 360° spherical water mist with constant pressure and flow rate, evenly permeates the root of the nasal cilia, gentle and delicate, improve the physiological environment of the nasal cavity.

Gas-liquid separation packaging

Feellife keeps sterile Arabah seawater sealed in the inner bag, and the compressed air is between the air bag and the bottle. The material body is ejected by squeezing the air bag to isolate the outside world and prevent secondary pollution, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

Tips: Baby please use this product under the help of adults. Or mix with atomizer to improve comfort and flushing efficiency. It is better to combine with nebulizer to improve comfort and washing efficiency.

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