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Urgent need of cheap and efficient inhaled drugs and nebulizers under the global outbreak of COVID-19

  • 2020-03-14

The world health organization (who) has raised the global risk level to "very high" for pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus(COVID-19) infections, which are spreading in many parts of the world. In the face of the epidemic, no country can be immune from it. Countries around the world must work together and strengthen cooperation to tide over the difficulties.

Zhong nanshan , academician of Chinese academy of engineering said: the research and prevention of coronavirus is a long-term task

Recently, when Zhong nanshan attended a meeting, he said that the COVID-19 epidemic gave us a reminder that the research and prevention of the virus should be a long-term task.

Zhong nanshan believes that: we should be very vigilant againse any coronavirus infection, the characteristic of coronavirus is the infectivity is very high. So it should be a long-term task to prevention this virus, to the degree that it should be, and as a respiratory disease, it should be one of the main tasks.

Strict control, avoid to go to the hospital and crowded places

Hospitals and crowded places are susceptible to the virus, try to isolate yourselves at home. If you have symptoms such as a mild cold, cough or stuffy nose, it is recommended to take nebulization treatment at home. Therefore, we need to develop some simple, inexpensive, safe and effective drugs and devices, such as portable nebulizers and so on.

At present, there are many kinds of nebulizers on the market, which bring great difficulties to the choice of the masses.

Feellife Health Inc, the leading nebulization technology developer, provide third way of dosing for human beings

Feellife Health Inc., as an leading international medical enterprise which develops, produces and sells portable mesh nebulizers, we creat the concept of "providing a third way of drug delivery to humans" in 2013. To create advanced technology, portable intelligent, health and safety medical nebulizers with craftsmanship, to bring blessing to human health.

The new generation of Feellife mesh nebulizer, which is in line with international technology, uses electronic high-frequency vibration technology, by the means of vibrating, flicking, screening and soaking, the drug solution was separated under 3μm nebulization piece, and the nebulized particles were all controlled between 1-5μm, which can reach the lesion directly, make the drug effectively absorbed by the pulmonary fibers and alveoli, and improve the efficacy of the drug.

Feellife arabah seawater spray, contains rich natural trace elements, which can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and fight allergies. Daily use with Feellife mesh nebulizer, can help people to take nebulization health care anytime and anywhere, make people breathe more healthy!

No matter now or in the future, Feellife will always practice social and corporate responsibility, keep in mind our mission, continue to innovate and upgrade product lines, deepen brand experience, and continue to strive for the cause of human respiratory health!

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